If you have old or unwanted items that are still in good condition,
consider giving them to someone or donating them through Do Forward.
  • How do I post my gift on Do
    Forward? HOW IT WORKS
  • Take pictures
    & Post it.

    We’re just a medium.
    Now let other
    members reach and
    apply for your gift. It’s
    all up to you to
    choose who you give
    the gift.
  • You choose whom
    you’d like to give gift

    It’s that simple, isn’t
    it? Now once your
    gift gets delivered,
    you improved your
    Karma and we
    reward you with Karma Points.
  • As you sow so shall you reap
    Get your Karma Levels
    and Points increased for
    every good things you
    do. Click Here

Looking for some Gift? Search it on Do Forward, we have lot of Gifts.

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  •  Apply
  •  Get yourself a gift

You can apply for more than one Gifts. Of course only if you think you need it.

What items can I post or donate as Gift?






  • I am moved and inspired by this noble initiative which will alleviate suffering of many people. It will provide a platform to understand suffering, enhance compassion and encourage greater generosity. Lalith De Silva, LDS AustralAsia, Managing partner

  • Do forward is doing really great work I had some cloths I donated via Do forward and I donated it to real needy person, I am satisfied and happy from my heart! Vincent Kateiva, Proffesional Soccer Coach

  • I was about to throw some of my old stuff in garbage then I saw this website and all the services and now I am happier with my Act (to upload my stuff and donate to needy one). Keep growing guys. God bless you. Marijana, Hospital deputy director

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