Celebrate Life with Some Random Acts of Kindness

It’s always said that “kindness starts with one.” Even a small act of kindness are sometimes powerful enough to make a major headlines.

As said kindness starts with one. For example, placing a cup of coffee in front of a homeless person makes the homeless person smile for your kindness. Then a trend will start, with more and more people getting in on the similar or different acts. However, the circle of generosity doesn’t end thereā€”in fact, it’s exponentially bigger.

“Recipients of kindness generally want to keep paying it forward.” – James Fowler (Professor of Medical Genetics and Political Science at the University of California)

Do you know why giving feels good?

Because we know we’re lifting someone else’s spirits. Just imagine if a stranger open the door for you at restaurant and pays for your food. The sudden appearance of these positive feelings is what helps keep the giving chain alive. Someone who has just received a bit of kindness is actually elevated, happy and grateful that he is likely to help someone with random act of kindness.

In short by witnessing generosity or act of kindness, one may be inspired to do something generous of their own. It doesn’t have to be a such a fancy acts, it could be as simple as saying please and thank you or volunteer for a good cause. Let’s share a few random acts of kindness with below infographic.

Source (www.gettyimages.in)

Did a random act of kindness ever happen to you? Tell us and we may feature your story.