Launching “Do Forward – Making World A Better Place”

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”Mother Teresa

“Together we can build much more for other people and other living beings.”Oleg Cerkas

We are extremely happy to launch our dream project “Do Forward” with a thought and approach of bringing people together under one roof. Encouraging them to be generous by sharing gifts and help charitable organizations hosting fundraising events. We feel we’ve created a really enticing product and now it’s upto you people to make this place more delightful.

Oleg Cerkas, the man behind this beautiful project explains his journey of creating a platform like Do Forward right from the inspiration he got from to the final launch.

Where it all came from…

It all began on Sunday evening when I was watching movie with my family like usual weekends. The movie “Pay it Forward”, made me think on the similar concept in real life, says Oleg Cerkas. The boy in the movie comes up with an idea that changes many lives. He decides that instead of returning a favor, he will pay it forward by doing good deeds for three people.

This movie was a true inspiration for me and made me to think on some similar things in real life. With many thinking and discussion finally the base idea was put on, says Oleg.

Brainstorming the idea…

After many minds put together, of making something important and useful for other people we came to a point of creating an online portal. This is where the idea of creating a non-profit oriented website came into mind. A website where everything is free, yes totally free.

The name initially came as “Do it Forward”, inspired by the movie. Later we planned to add everything to the website like goods, time, advices, found and lost things also fundraising projects. Hence we termed the coin for the name “Do Forward”.

The next big thing was to make the idea into a reality…

My next step was to find someone who could really get into this idea deeper and help me implement my dream project. This is how I reached out Twitchtime. We shared the ideas, had many discussions & suggestions, discussed every aspects of the project and it’s flow. Finally everything was on paper and believe me it made me feel so great and everyone might feel the same, I believe.

We started with creating a meaningful logo. The logo shows that things you have had to be forward. And this is the real happiness anyone can get.

Twitchtime put forth their efforts in getting these things and idea into a website. Of course we faced many difficulties in implementing the logics and concept into one single portal “Do Forward”, which we believe that everyone has to.

There were many ups and downs during this period of idea implementation and website development. During this period I got an opportunity to meet many great people & volunteers who have been doing many great things for others and gave me support for my project. But to all our sincere efforts everything seems to be getting aligned gradually and finally Twitchtime made my dream come true.

So how we believe that Do Forward connects everyone…

The simple idea of connecting random strangers around Australia and sharing the gifts, is the sole reason we believe that here no one is a stranger. Everyone is connected and everyone here is to do something good for others.

Apart from sharing gifts and becoming a volunteer for the events, there’s one more thing where people stand united and we all know that’s “Charity or Fundraising Events.” We all know charities are really important for all of us. We might be doing some kind of charity in our entire life and everybody loves to.

This is where we thought of being a part of fundraising projects that are happening around us. We want them to reach many number of people. Hence we added a section on website called “Fundraising Projects.” Now people can donate to these charities right on their computer or mobile phone. And Do Forward is just being a medium helping these causes gather funds.

We are working with some of the organizations that will help us to host a fundraising causes on Do Forward website.

How could we not talk about the “Do Forward Tree”…

This is indeed a unique idea to encourage people to be a part of something good and be a part of Do Forward. This is a simple but beautiful tree whose leaves are the members of the Do Forward website. On each sign up, one tree leaf will turn to a green one displaying the member details and photos.

The tree itself symbolizes the strength, generosity and stability when stood together. This signifies that we are a family and we all are connected to one another. Let’s make more and more such Do Forward tree and create a beautiful Do Forward forest.

Uniting good people & good causes…

Generosity is the glue that bonds us to others. It connects us to friends, family, colleagues and strangers. It boosts happiness, increases healthy and strengthens communities. Together we can build much more for other people other living beings. Imagine a world where everyone is generous to each other. I can feel it right now how peaceful the world would be.

We all would like to invite you to be a part of our efforts, bringing people together and connect with each other.

Let’s help each other. Be a part of something good. Be a part of Do Forward.