Uniting good people & good causes – Understanding Do Forward

A new way of charity and donation is born. With this platform we believe that now everyone can be a part of doing well for the society in a way or two. We wanted everyone in the society to be good and everyone to do good for others.

“The heart that gives, gathers.” Tao Te Ching

This was our motivation to bring something like Do Forward website. We’d like to call it a medium rather than a website.

What is Do Forward? What this medium is.

Do Forward as the name suggests, we wanted to encourage people and make them understand the meaning of “giving”. Because we all know that no one has ever become poor by giving.

So we came up with an idea of such platform where people can “forward the gifts to the other hands that need them.” So this is actually Do Forward. Gift is something we call the things or items you have already and you are forwarding to another hand without any cost and all by your heart.

So, Do Forward is actually a community website or platform wherein people can find people to give gifts or receive gifts and all free of cost. In this way one can bring more meaning to their life and promote generosity.

Let’s take a look at the short walk through of this medium & experience more pleasure. We actually built this website with heart.

Getting Started

Be a donor and a volunteer at a same time
On Do Forward, you could be both “a donor” and “a volunteer” at the same time. Just make a sign up, complete your profile and upload a profile pic. You are all set to become a part of something good.

For all the activities you do on the Do Forward platform, you earn Karma Points.

And with your increasing Karma points your karma level increases.

Knowing Karma Points & Levels

With every activities you don on the website, your points increase and we call these points as “Karma Points”. It starts right from your sign up. Yes you get 50 Karma Points on the sign up itself and you are at the Level 1 i.e. Greenie.

There are 6 Karma Levels as follows:
1. Level 1 – Greenie

2. Level 2 – Trendsetter

3. Level 3 – Philanthropist

4. Level 4 – Visionary

5. Level 5 – Luminary

6. Level 6 – Enlightened

With your increasing Karma Points you will cross these levels. Get the detailed information of earning Karma points here.

Karma Meter
With Karma meter you can also track your current level and how much to reach the next level from your profile page.

Post Gift and Give to them who need it

On Do Forward medium you can be a donor allowing you to make your items or things donated to someone who needs it. We call them “Gifts”

You can post gift, with all the details and photos of the gift. Post it and tell about your gift in detail. What’s next?

Get applications from different people (you will receive mail of the applicant with all the contact details as filled by the applicant while making application)

Choose the applicant you want to give away the gift

Discuss mutually and set up the delivery of the gift

Once you deliver the gift to the selected applicant, the applicant has to confirm the gift being received under “Activities” tab in user menu.

Once the applicant confirms the gift being received, the donor (you) gets point and is added to your profile.

Browse gift and get yourself a gift

On Do Forward medium you will find a range of gifts from household things to office stuffs or personal usable things. All you need is to browse our list of gifts and apply with your contact details, for the one you like or need it.

Once you apply for the gift, you shall be able to see the donor’s contact number.

Once the donor confirms to give the gift to you, you shall get the mail.

Discuss mutually about the sending and receiving of the gift.

Once you receive the gift, go to “My Activities” page and confirm the gift being received under “My Gift Status” with a Yes/No.

On successful gift being received, the donor get the point.

Post your cause to find volunteers for your cause and events

On this medium, you can also find some helping hands for your events or charity causes. Yes, you can find the volunteers and social workers right from Do Forward.

How it works?
Post Cause. Post you event details and images and tell everything in brief about the event with the number of volunteers required.

Browse & Finalize Volunteer Profile. View all the applicants’ profiles and choose the right one for your event.

View your volunteer list. You can see all you finalized volunteers under the “Attendees” list.

After you successful event, you can confirm the presence of your selected volunteers. On your confirmation, the volunteers shall earn the points as per the number of hours served at the event or causes.

Plus, you being a host of the event get points too.

Becoming a volunteer for your nearby events

So what can you do to help people (or animals) who need it? The answer is — volunteer!

Volunteering for a good cause make a real difference to the life. You are becoming a part of something good. Join and volunteer for as many events such as fundraisers, social cause, helping children, helping old people, orphanage, etc. It feels good when you know that you are making a difference in many lives including yours. Let some of your free time be spent helping others.

How can you be a volunteer? Or how can I apply for any cause?
On Do Forward you will find different types of volunteering causes. Choose the right one and apply for the one you feel the perfect fit for.

On you application to be a volunteer for an event, the organizer has to confirm by accepting the application. Once the organizer confirms your application you shall be notified for being chose. You shall get the mail with all the details.

Make sure, you be present in the event at right time. Because your presence matters a lot in helping your karma points grow. Only if the organizer confirms your presence in the event from the Do Forward medium, you shall get the points for volunteering the event for the number of hours mentioned.

In this way, you for being a volunteer and organizer both gets points.

Whether you are a donor of the gift or the applicant of the gift; whether you are an organizer of an event or a volunteer for an event, you can track all your activities under one single page “Activities”.

Isn’t it interesting? We know it is. So what are you waiting for? We believe that you can make a difference in the world and spread happiness.

Winding up with this beautiful quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”